Thurman leather bike phone holder

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Thurman is a minimalist, stylish, durable and pocketable way to attach almost any smartphone to almost any bike; listen to music or use maps as you ride.

Oiled water-resistant leathers just get better with age. A non-slip silicone strip on the inside makes sure it grips the bike tube, and two strong custom silicone bands securely hold smartphones to the Thurman.

The bands and leather wrap are so secure they held a large smartphone solidly in place over 12 miles of gravel riding and dozens of steps. The silicone bands even held phones securely to the arms of US Special Forces on high altitude sky-diving HALO jumps.



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To keep the Thurman from rotating or slipping simply make sure the velcro overlaps solidly and the leather is wrapped as tightly around bike bike top tube as possible. If it slips at all it isn’t snug enough! Use the method shown below.