Bumble phone leash / lanyard

By admin,

You’ll never lose your phone and selfies are a snap with this luxuriously useful leather smartphone neck lanyard.

It’s super convenient for parties, family trips, holidays, travel, concerts – anywhere you want to keep your phone handy for quick and easy photos and messaging.

It also features a small pocket to carry a few cards and cash, so you’re ready for a night out or travel.

It securely holds ANY PHONE WITH ANY CASE, so it’s easy to give as a gift and future-proof.

And you can easily adjust the secure but thin silicone bands so that the pocket doesn’t block your camera on the back. The genuine leather lanyard cord is 50″ long. There is a flap over the card pocket that can be tucked in to keep cards secure.

This new version 2.0 is cheaper, lighter, slimmer, simpler, and has even nicer leathers than ever.



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