Motorcross/UTV/Race car phone holder

By admin,

This version of our popular universal phone mount will securely hold any phone (even iPhone X or Galaxy Note) with any case over the crossbar pad on your dirt bike’s handlebars or roll cage pad.

It simplifies listening to music and allows you to use modern navigation to find your way through mazes of trails. It’s light weight, extremely quick to attach or remove, and just gets better with age. It also folds up to a thin profile that is comfortable in a back pocket.

This version has been fine-tuned and thoroughly tested over many rough miles of trails, dunes, jumps, and forests to hold securely over the crossbar pads of motorcross handlebars (<8.5inches or 21.5cm circumference). It also works well on the padded roll bars of UTV, Sand Rails, Jeeps, Race Cars, etc.

Two custom-molded silicone bands will stretch to fit very snugly and securely around any smartphone, with any case! But another advantage of silicone is that it won’t dry out, crack or lose its stretch like rubber. Grippy silicone webbing on the back keeps the holder from slipping on the crossbar/rollcage pad. TIP: First secure your crossbar pad from rotating/slipping on the crossbar with tape, glue, etc.

The main body piece measures 4″x11″

>> Keep your eyes on the road, and don’t try to use touch screens while riding, of course!!


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