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Originally founded in Portland, OR in 1884 to outfit seafaring adventurers, The Beebe Co. specializes in luxuriously useful tech and travel accessories to keep you connected on the road.

The Beebe Company was founded in Portland and Astoria by Charles Francis Beebe. Originally it built sail and motor boats, supplied sailing, shipping, and fishing industries, and acted as agents for Sutton Clipper ships.

By at least 1910 it was also supplying construction and tradesmen in downtown Portland.

There are even some old steel camping cups floating around stamped with “The Beebe Co. Outing Supplies” and “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”.

Over the years the company was handed down from fathers to sons. In circa 1953 a more distant relative John Platt bought The Beebe Co. and ran it until he retired circa 1974. During that time it was mostly a marina near Johns Landing, selling and supplying motorboats.

In the 1980s Robert Beebe ran Beebe’s as a downtown Portland shop that sold and repaired knives, keys, locks, umbrellas, pipes, and lighters. His grandson Silas worked in the shop as a child, helping out where he could and learning the trade.Silas working in the shop

After 12 years working as an industrial designer for some of the biggest brands in design and outdoor sports, Silas Beebe revived The Beebe Co. in December 2012. Our mission is to once again make outing supplies designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA – with a focus on luxuriously useful accessories.