Camilla bike-friendly purse

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Ideally-sized and supremely bike-friendly, Camilla is the best way to carry a purse (and iPad) on a bike.

Yet it’s a simple and timeless bag off the bike. Because the clips stay on the bike; the bag has no ugly hardware like pannier cycling bags.

Two slip pockets inside help with organization, and a Lift-the-Dot locking snap holds the flap securely.

TheBeebeCo_Camilla bike-friendly purse

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The Camilla attachment straps are screwed to your bike so they are not easily stolen, and so you don’t have to carry around that extra weight when you are off the bike.

To attach simply remove screw and snap from the leather strap and wrap it around your handlebars or rack…

Then reattach the metal snap and rescrew the Chicago screw that holds it in place.

Now you can instantly and securely clip or remove the purse from your bike with the metal D-rings on the back of the bag. (Tuck shoulder strap into the bag as you ride.)