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Our oiled leathers are water-repellant and require little maintenance. We personally inspect and select every hide for top quality, and buy most from our friends at Oregon Leather (in downtown Portland since circa 1920). If they appear dry just wipe them with leather conditioner or neet’s foot oil.

Canvas can be cleaned with a brush and mildly soapy water. Sprays available at sporting goods shops can refresh the waterproofing.



Please don’t text or interact much with your phone while you ride and keep your eyes on the road.

The leather straps and metal posts are intentionally tight when new, so they remain snug for many years.

Be sure the Thurman phone holder is wrapped as tightly as possible around a bike tube with overlapping velcro to keep it from slipping as you ride. If it slips or rotates at all it isn’t tight enough, and the sticky silicone strip on the back hasn’t had a chance to do its job.

The Camilla purse’s snap should be opened from the raised dot just under the word “Lift” – it locks in all other directions to prevent accidental opening. Don’t force it. If the metal prongs holding the snap to the bag come loose they can be carefully squeezed tight again with long pliers – just be sure to use cardboard pieces between the bag and pliers to prevent damage.