Kerouac Handkerchief Maps

Having sailed, flown and driven around the world, we know the value of a good map, especially when you can’t get a phone signal. Our maps are water-proof, tear-proof, don’t need to be folded carefully, and make for a lovely keepsake for travelers. New city, cycling, and subway maps are added all the time. Inquire […]

Lullaby Bedside Smartphone Holder

Our simple and infinitely-adjustable hands-free stand makes it easy and comfortable to watch videos, make phone or video calls, read books, or listen to audio books in bed. The metal core with leather or fabric sleeve allows you to instantly bend the phone into the best position for videos or place out of the way […]

Thurman leather bike phone holder

Thurman is a minimalist, stylish, durable and pocketable way to attach almost any smartphone to almost any bike; listen to music or use maps as you ride. Oiled water-resistant leathers just get better with age. A non-slip silicone strip on the inside makes sure it grips the bike tube, and two strong custom silicone bands […]

Overland Car Smartphone Holder

The Overland takes our elegantly simple Thurman leather smartphone holder for the bicycle and adapts it for the car. It holds almost any smartphone in an easy-to-see and easy-to-reach place: the CD slot. The custom molded leather “spring” slides into the CD slot and will hold securely in wide or narrow slots. Buy now on […]

Camilla bike-friendly purse

Ideally-sized and supremely bike-friendly, Camilla is the best way to carry a purse (and iPad) on a bike. Yet it’s a simple and timeless bag off the bike. Because the clips stay on the bike; the bag has no ugly hardware like pannier cycling bags. Two slip pockets inside help with organization, and a Lift-the-Dot […]

Choteau equestrian-inspired belt

This heavy-duty buckle was originally used for logging and farming horse harnesses across the USA. The Choteau is a unique and gorgeous belt designed to last a lifetime. Its length is easily adjustable and employs an ingenious cam lever buckle to embrace you in timeless style. Custom made in any combination of leathers and buckles: […]

Leif weather-proof bike frame pocket

The Leif adds a durable, lightweight, and useful frame pocket – instant cargo utility – to almost any bike. Keeps your gear secure and weatherproof, but still easily accessible. Adjustable leather straps fit bikes large and small. Buy now on Etsy

Woodward pant cuff strap

The Woodward offers stylish pant leg protection from oily bike chains that chew up your cuffs. Easy to use and industructible, this heirloom quality product only gets better with age. Solid brass post and high quality leather from Oregon Leather (established in 1923). Buy now on Etsy